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BUSDMachine Use BUSD to earn BUSDMachine Tokens to stake (or sell for BUSD)

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MINT BUSDMachine Mint BUSDMachine by staking your BUSD You can stake as many times as you want You cannot unstake this BUSD

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STAKE BUSDMachine Stake BUSDMachine to earn BUSDMachine You can stake as many times as you want You can unstake this BUSDMachine after 7 days

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SELL BUSDMachine Sell the earned tokens Only 40000 tokens can be sold per day Earn BUSD

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BUSDMachine Token - 0xed5b1cd84d953ff6f9f23a87d5872343cfdfbbe3
Launch Date
- YouTubers and influencers will be allocated 100 BUSDMachine tokens each to record marketing content.
- YouTubers and influencers will giveaway a total of 5000 BUSDMachine tokens prior to launch for receivers to stake as early access.
- BUSD can be used from Saturday, December 18, 2021 1:00:00 PM GMT onwards

The value of BUSDMachine will rise as more users invest BUSD.

1. Enter BUSD into the machine and earn daily staking rewards in BUSDMachine tokens (2% per day). You can claim your BUSDMachine rewards at anytime. You cannot unstake your BUSD tokens.
1.1. You will earn BUSDMachine tokens as a percentage of BUSD invested irrespective of the BUSDMacine Price
1.2. i.e. If you invest 100 BUSD you will receive 2 BUSDMachine per day 2. You have two options with your BUSDMachine tokens, you can sell them for BUSD, or you can stake them to earn more BUSDMachine tokens (4% per day). BUSDMachine staking is locked for 7 days
3. Terminology
3.1. Total Supply : The maximum amount of BUSDMachine that can exist
3.2. Circulating Supply : The amount of BUSDMachine tokens that are currently in wallets
3.3. Available Suppy : (Total Supply - Cirulating Supply)
3.4. BUSDMachine Price : (Total BUSD Balance / Available Supply)
4. Mint BUSDMachine - As you claim BUSDMachine from minting, it is removed from the Available Supply and added to the Circulating Supply
5. Sell BUSDMachine - As you sell BUSDMachine, it is removed from the Circulating Supply and added to the Available Supply
Always DYOR!
As this is the first one of these that we are deploying, there is always a risk of the uncertain
Only use funds you can afford to lose